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Photography enthusiast couple Ronnie and Kooky discovered their passion for photography during the last decade. Photography formed part of their love story as they went on photowalks, served their Church's photography ministry together, and explored wonderful sceneries while traveling. They thought of offering affordable photography services to share their God-given talent to others. Any funds given to DOQU Pixels are donations used for their church ministry, food and gas, and equipment purchases. No income is being recognized by DOQU Pixels.
An Architect by profession, Ronnie expresses creativity through artistic composition and keen visuals. Meanwhile, as a CPA by profession, Kooky pays attention not only to art but also to mathematical details in photography. The couple specializes in food photography with Ronnie as the main stylist, and they also focus on capturing family portraits. They believe that the most valuable resource is time. Once it passes by, it is gone forever. Taking pictures/videos immortalizes a moment; freezing a particular point in people's lives that can only be reminisced through photographs and videos. Because of this, they consider it a pleasure to be part of capturing your memories in a snap. 
Capturing memories in a snap, 
DOQU Pixels by Ronnie & Kooky
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