The Client recognizes that DOQU Pixels (the "Photographer") is not a photographer by profession and are only hobbyists/enthusiasts. Any funds given to the Photographer are donations used for their Church ministry, food and gas, and equipment purchases. No income is being recognized by the Photographer.
Service Agreement
The Photographer agrees to provide the photography services availed by the Client as per package inclusions (refer to Rates).
Color correction and retouching are included at Photographer’s discretion. Further editing requests from Client may entail additional charge.
The Client agrees to provide props, location (including obtaining necessary permits, as applicable), styling, outfits and concepts.
Payment Terms
Payments shall be given in full in cash or via BenefitPay (details will be provided separately) on the Photoshoot Schedule, except for gift cards which may be paid in advance.
The Client has the option to reschedule the Photoshoot Schedule without additional fees provided that Client notifies the Photographer in writing at least one day before the Photoshoot Schedule; however, this is subject to the availability of the Photographer.
The Client may terminate the Agreement at least two days before the Photoshoot Schedule through a written notice without cancellation fee. If the Client terminates the Agreement within 48 hours before the Photoshoot Schedule, a cancellation fee not exceeding BD 5 may be charged. If termination is due to unforeseen and/or uncontrolled circumstances, the Photographer will not charge cancellation fee to the Client.
The Photographer may terminate the Agreement at least one week before the Photoshoot Schedule through a written notice. The Client may assess penalty not exceeding the agreed photoshoot rate to the Photographer for any damages resulting in termination within one week before the Photoshoot Schedule. The Photographer may terminate the Agreement without penalty within one week before the Photoshoot Schedule if termination is due to unforeseen and/or uncontrolled circumstances. In any case, the Photographer can refer another photographer.
Damages and file handling
Soft copies of photos provided via Google Drive is downloadable within 14 days.
The Photographer will secure and back up all the files for three months from the Photoshoot Schedule.
In the event that the files are damaged or lost unintentionally, the Photographer will agree to a settlement amount not exceeding the agreed photoshoot rate.
The Photographer will be careful during the photoshoot; but if any damage is caused by the Photographer, the Photographer and the Client will agree to a settlement amount which will not exceed the market value of the damaged item.
The Photographer has no liability if the services were not met/done due to the following circumstances:
- Mismanaged timeline of the Client or other suppliers (i.e. make-up artists, stylists, etc.); and
- Virus and illness, accident, uncontrollable and unforeseeable equipment failure, force majeure, and other catastrophes.
Any additions and modifications shall be expressed in writing by both the Client and Photographer.
The Client has the legal rights to the photoshoot output; but the Photographer is allowed to publish the photos to be used as marketing materials unless the Client specifically prohibits the Photographer to do so. The Photographer will not tag the Client in social media posts without Client’s consent.
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